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Like the shadow in the dark (2019)

Director : Alessandro Gessaga
Screenwriter: Laura Bertoglio
Daniele Marcheggiani
Simone Passero, Vincenzo Paladino, 
Giovanni Raso, Rebecca Zaccariotto, 
Alberto Sette
7 Palms Entertainment, LLC
Europe: WeShort
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In a world and a time unknown Gustavo, a renowned psychologist, find himself faced with a somewhat monumental task. He has to choose among a number of candidates whom to give the green light to. His professional scrutiny will deeply dig into the lives of Marco, a youngster not only adverse to all kind of privacy policies but also a firm supporter of technology which, he believes, should be in charge of everything and everyone. Elisa, a nymphomaniac fanatically opposed to women’s lib. Erno, whose life was tragically transformed at an early age when a coloured kid caused him partial blindness and triggered his hatred for all black people, and many more, each and everyone of them carrying their back load of trouble.
Luckily, there will also be candidates like Giulio, whose believe in a better future of the country is honest and true. Will the committing Party allow Gustavo to serenely and professionally choose the rightful people for the job?


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Bucharest ShortCut - Official Selection


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