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Terry's Show (2022)

Director : Matteo Ballarati e Federica Crippa
Screenwriter: Matteo Ballarati e Federica Crippa
Simone Murru, Giovanni Iacono, Noemi Bertoldi, Daniele Marcheggiani, Gabriele Migliavacca, Alessandro Bellora, Fabrizio Valezano
Cactus Production
Independent Movie Productions
Terry's Show

Andrea is in prison, accused of killing his mistress and hiding her body. He is in fact guilty of this latest crime, but the boy is not to blame for the death of the girl as she slipped and accidentally hit her head when she fell. With his lawyer, Rachele, Andrea will have to defend himself in court against the accusations of the attorney Ezio, with whom he has a pending account. 


Meanwhile his friends Marco, Filippo, Ginevra and Carl are worried about their friend awaiting trial, but also have more serious things to think about.  The art dealer Augusto has returned to take revenge for a wrong they have suffered: 
the gang has sold him a painting and now the magnate wants his money back and is not joking. 
So, the four decide to subscribe to the Terry's Show, a famous TV quiz, to raise the money required. 
The gang, however, does not want to risk and organizes a plan to cheat and be able to get to the last question, but it is not that easy and the obstacles are around the corner. 

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