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Ferite (Wounds) - (2022)

Director: Vittorio Rifranti
Screenplay: Vernante Pallotti, Vittorio Rifranti
Daniele Marcheggiani, Camilla Tedeschi,
Fabrizio Rocchi, Giorgia Faraoni, Laura Polegri, Fabrizio Rizzolo
Acquista / Guarda:
Ferite - Daniele Marcheggiani

Emanuele is a 54-years-old theatre director. He is working on a monologue for one of his plays adopted from “Netochka Nezvanova,” an unfinished novel by Dostoevsky. He chooses Irene as the play’s female protagonist, a strong and determined young woman who can however be fragile and insecure. Emanuele has a secret: in a concealed room, he worships the few women who he truly loved during his life. Nobody knows where the women from Emanuele’s past are; an entire wall full of pictures is dedicated to each of them. One last wall remains free of pictures—a wall on which Emanuele projects a collection of the other women’s faces. Where are those young women now? Meanwhile, the relationship with Irene oscillates between work and private life, putting Emanuele in an uncomfortable position. Irene, without realising it, is getting closer to that empty wall, that perhaps one day will be filled by her pictures. Perhaps. 

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