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Traces of madness (2021)

Director: Michele Di Rienzo
Screenplay: Simone Lo Buglio
Daniele Marcheggiani, Simone Passero,
Gloria Anselmi, Mauro Negri, Fabrizio Rocchi, Alberto Viola, Paola Costa, Alessio Arzilli, Alioune Badiane, Lorenzo Marangon
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Daniele Marcheggiani - Traces of madness.png

James and Stephanie are a happy and wealthy couple. They live untroubled lives until James is pressured to deal with a past he struggles to remember.

As the situation worsens, the man finds himself confined in his own house.  
Forced to participate in psychoanalytic sessions performed by Doctor Bryant, memories start to slowly resurface; however, these are not the memories the couple was expecting.  

Amongst secrets, promises, an increasingly unstable relationship, and a mysterious past yet to be unravelled, inspector Gray bursts into James and Stephanie’s lives to solve a crime that occurred under suspicious circumstances. 

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